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Talks & Lectures

- Art & Visual Storytelling in the world of VR.

  • Berghs school of Communication - VR Unconference TALK

  • Futuregames - VR TALK

  • TAMpere film festival - Keynote speaker

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Unreal Engine : Lighting Study & Architecture Project Feature

CGTRADER : Art direction in indie VR game development


Hey there!

My name is Oliwer and I am an Art Director & 3D Game Artist based in Stockholm, Sweden currently working for SVRVIVE Studios. I specialise in game development and architecture visualization. My love for art has never been as strong as its been in recent years. In the act of new technologies and ways to express myself as an artist constantly changes and develop, it is my responsibility to convince the audience what a fantastic era of art we're living in. I’m passionate, curious, focused but most of all respectful and loving for the people around me. I live by a philosophy that everyone that you will ever meet knows something you don't. I observe and don’t let my best interests and opinions go before others. Most importantly, sharing my own experiences and knowledge around me while still learning from others. This is the way of communicating i’ve grown the most by, while still directing art in a successful way.

I’m a self-taught artist and everything i’ve learned so far is through extensive self studies and intensive industry experience. I have a broad technical skillset and i’m comfortable with a wide range of software programs and techniques. I got the wonderful chance to be the first artist employed at SVRVIVE during it’s startup. I set my foot inside an atmosphere and setting i could not have imagined. Friendship, love and team spirit fueled my passion for creating amazing experiences in a fast-paced environment but also pushing the limits in such a fresh genre. Building the foundation -to directing art has taught me courage and determination but has also helped me grow as a professional and human-being.

I always try to bring new ideas and ways of thinking going into my projects. I look into things that has not been done yet and try to incorporate new technologies into my pipeline. For example, could there be a new technique of rendering or way to achieve greater realism into our scene? I look at these questions and see if there’s something i believe in and i think would enhance the viewer experience and visual storytelling.

Besides art and games, my passion for photography and traveling has always been close to my heart. I enjoy long quiet walks in the forest but also exciting long trips with my backpack. My recent travels includes New Zealand and South East Asia!

Thanks for reading about me and my portfolio, have a good day!