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New Zealand!

I'm not much of fan when it comes to reading and posting blogs. Mostly because almost all of them have discussions about topics that's not much of an interest to me. There is of course articles and gaming news (which does interest me!) that are written and posted in a blog. Gamespot for example!


Now i'm here writing a blog, which in my case was not actually intended to be read by more than those who are interested in my work that i do. I intended to create this website for portfolio purposes but decided to have a blog section where i describe my bigger projects in detail.
As i've decided now, this section will also be used for posting traveling pictures in higher resolution than 1x1 Instagram compressed images.

I will also write about what i've done and where i'm headed!

Now i've got myself the best and biggest backpack for my journey, enough to fit everything i wanted to bring with me.

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